Interior Design

Interior Design is the ideal way to make sure you get the most out of new builds and renovation. Whether you have a new or existing space it can be enhanced by this service. 

From conception and the initial space planning phase, through the entire design process to completion, design plays an integral role in it all. The interior design process is an intensive and detailed service, with emphasis on Cad Drawing work and the overall finishes. We source all the details each project requires, ensuring that each element remains true to the end aesthetic. 

Having the designer on board during construction ensures that there is a follow through of the design vision all the way to the detailed execution of the project. 

Services include/This function includes:

-    Spatial Planning 

-    Kitchen Design 

-    Bathroom Design 

-    Furniture Design 

-    Project Management 

-    Specifications and hard finishes

-    Detailed Budget