27 Sep

Every year I pick a word to work on, and learn about and try and grow in for the year... I normally pray into it and ask God which word He would like to reveal to me... in the beginning the words had all been a little generic, love.. peace... but as the years have gone on the words have started to hit a little closer and closer to home! Strength... grit... integrity. I have watched as these words have become an anchor for my soul in the year, something to hold on to and lean into. And I feel like it has been Gods way of holding me close in some of my hardest times!  This year I think my word picked me! Risk..... 

2020 seems to have been a year that asked so many people in so many different ways to risk, to face up to life in ways that normally we would not have to even give a second thought too. A restart on the world and our hearts! To risk both in business and in our personal lives. An asking of lets see what you have got!

Risk is such a huge part of our lives, the thrill of walking on the edge, looking around and into my own life, there seem to be two kinds of risk takers, the all in jump, with two feet and work out the details as you go, and the slow yes.... the follow the peace, make a list and run through every possibility of what the outcome could be! I seem to sit in the middle of these two. Sure its meant that I have learnt a lot of lessons the hard way. Had some big dreams and risks blow up in my face, I have been knocked down more times than I can count! On many occasions to the point where people have questioned my ability to get back up and try again. And kicked myself when I have felt like I have missed my chance at something great. For this reason I have become convinced that having the courage to risk, to take a shot is half the battle won. 

Some Risk takers have this incredible ability to see the long game, before the muck and weeds have a chance to blur your view. To see the beauty in not only places but people too. To see the gold of what could be. So much of design is risk! Of looking at what is, and dreaming of what it could be. To see the beauty in the ordinary and bring that to the front. But lets be honest... risk taking can feel eerily similar to riding a rollercoaster!! You find yourself building up the courage to step into the unknown, and you are on one path and then life throws you a curve ball. There will be let downs and curves in the road ahead. But this I can guarantee, that surprises and miracles abound in equal measure. Risk is inherent to both! 

Not all risks will make a big splash. Some will be forged in patience, steady and unhurried. A slow yes... where peace flows. I have learned to trust it above all else in matters of both my heart and work.

It means choosing instinct over criticism. Intuition over doubt. The courage to trust what you feel deep down in your bones. And it doesn't always look like following some hairbrained idea. Sometimes it looks like standing still and firm, holding to your convictions and ideals, because that can be a risk too. 

This year for me has been a learning of following the peace in risk, and leaning into trusting to be still and know, to stand so firm in what He has said, even though I can not see over the weeds and muck that seems to be 2020! And that takes buckets of courage!

And when I feel that tug to hold steady, that peace above all understanding, that's my God telling me to hold steady while He works it out. To see where He is leading me. And sometimes, what may have looked like the easiest no in the world, becomes a opening of my heart to a slow yes to risk! 

So what it seems to come down to is identifying the things in your own life that are worth risking for. And taking either that jump with both feet in or your slow yes to what is in store! And seeing the miracles unfold! 

Lots of love to all my risk takers xx

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