29 Oct

Life and times in Corona have show us some of us what is... for lack of a better word, real in this life, what matters most to us. What we stand for, and what we are made of! Shown us what needs work, and what needs to be surrendered. I have some thoughts to share, not that they are very important! 

People are like homes. Evolving and rearranging as they witness life. Some are quiet, warm, and simple. Some flashy and loud. Some abandoned, falling apart. Each unique. Holding potential. Needing to be loved. 

People build homes and people build people. Caregivers, culture, education, families, circumstances, religion, media and friends. They shape us, in part at least, so when we grow up and look into the mirror we may not recognize ourselves. What if we were painted blue, and it turns out you don't even like blue... 

It's ok to remodel. If your foundation is strong count yourself lucky. If not... its perfectly normal and courageous to rebuild again. Don't look back. Keep what is beautiful. Add a few more windows to let in more light, more love, more acceptance if it is missing. Remove what isn't you with patience. It's messy and painful, but so worth the effort. 

We are all built differently. And often life hands us moments of broken dreams and tragedy that lead us to believe that we are so far off from our truest self it feels impossible to repair. But, from what I have painfully learned... mostly from bumping my head. Its not impossible at all. It takes loads of unlearning, and even more courage and bravery! Offering gratitude for what was done right and with love. Finding beauty and expanding it. 

If you come from dust and rubble.... like most of us in 2020, you can rebuild. If you come with a blueprint that is built on love and peace (tell the architects thanks... mum and dad you both are beauts!) but there is always room to remodel and there is nothing more beautiful than a teachable heart. If you come from ashes, let the wind carry it away. Its not your mess to clean up. Find solid ground, take what life has given, and build a beautiful life. It is ok to ask for help. It is ok for the process to be infuriating. It is ok to make mistakes. Keep building! 

People are like homes. Beauty is always there if you look. Room for improvement is something we all have in common. Lets maybe take a moment to be kind, to send love and light, while giving each other time to evolve. To love and find joy in life again! 

So much love to you all xx 

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